First comes love.
Then comes…
Pre-commitment Counseling


A wedding is one day, but a marriage is forever. Prepare for a lifetime of love with our premarital counseling program led by a licensed therapist.

Before We Do: Pre-commitment Counseling for Couples

Strengthen your relationship with our six-session pre-marriage counseling program guided by a licensed counselor. Each session focuses on a different area of your relationship, providing education and exercises to develop skills for a healthy partnership.

  • Session 1: Our History
  • Session 2: Friendship at the Core
  • Session 3: Communication and Feelings
  • Session 4: Managing Conflict
  • Session 5: Detours and Red Flags
  • Session 6: Creating Shared Meaning

What's Included In the Program?

Relationship Assessment

Online relationship assessment completed independently and reviewed during your couples sessions to identify strengths and challenges within your relationship.

Sessions with a Therapist

Private pre-marriage counseling sessions (90-minute initial and 60-minute follow-ups) scheduled at your own pace with a licensed counselor trained in Gottman Method Couples Therapy.

At-Home Activities

Guided at-home activities and questions for couples to talk about between sessions to work on in-session topics and build a strong foundation for marriage.

Before We Do: Pre-commitment Counseling is guided by Carrie Schatzman, MA, LPC, CCTP, a licensed counselor trained in Gottman Method Couples Therapy.

Before We Do encourages you and your partner to spend dedicated time laying the foundation for a healthy, lasting relationship because falling in love feels effortless, but staying in love takes ongoing work.

What We Stand For: Inclusive Couples Counseling

Before We Do: Pre-commitment Counseling is…

Program Rate

The Before We Do: Pre-commitment Counseling program, including the online relationship assessment, six private sessions with a counselor, and guided activities, is $1,200 per couple. The program is self-paced with the fee paid at the start of the program.

Interested in Before We Do: Pre-commitment Counseling?

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